The Pantheon

The world of Paradigm lies in the Oliis’arah solar system, along with the world of Bastion, and both worlds and the system itself are served by a single pantheon. Unlike with many D&D settings, there is no separate pantheon for the different races, rather, all races and peoples worship from the same pantheon. The Gods of the Pantheon are not all powerful; they have certain significant limits to their powers, some owing to their very nature, and others because of self-imposed limits due to common agreements between the deities, most of which came about because of the First Godswar and Second Godswar. All Gods are equally powerful, unless they deliberately transfer that power to another being. They are not reliant on their followers for power, though all have a decided interest in the advancement of their respective causes.

One of the great mysteries of Oliis’arah is the exact origin of the system; neither the Gods nor any other known being can recall the creation of the present system. Rather, it was already formed when they became self-aware, or remembered being self-aware. This has lead to many theories about the exact nature and origins of the system, and of the universe itself. The Barrier is a key factor in limiting further discovery concerning these matters.

At the moment there are currently X number of deities, with the original number Y being reduced by 3. Two of them, Jolus and Vaksur, were killed in the First Godswar, while the third, Annlassi, has been missing since shortly after the Second Godswar.

Lawful Good

Galdrid, The Just- God of Justice and Truth

Qual’iya, The Faithful- Goddess of Honor, Loyalty and Chivalry

Neutral Good

Dunrast, The Builder- God of Creativity and Civilization

Kalas’shana. The Eternal Maiden- Goddess of Innocence and Purity

Chaotic Good

Sodrene, The Beautiful- Goddess of Beauty and Love

Glorn, The Daring- God of Courage and Skill

Lawful Neutral

Yolassa, The Logical- Goddess of Reason and Knowledge

Larisk, The Watcher- God of Vigilance and Law

Tayra, The Trader- Goddess of Commerce and Wealth


Haresh-dor, The Forest Lord- God of Nature and Balance

Ellandra, The Mystic – Goddess of Fate and Magic

Vostor and Brella, The Twins- God and Goddess of War and Soldiers

Chaotic Neutral

Indal’iyia, The Passionate- Goddess of Emotion and Intuition

Zenwrik, The Trickster- God of Trickery and Deception

Lawful Evil

Rashulii, The Tyrant- God of Tyranny and Oppression

Nedira, The Plotter- Goddess of Intrigue and Manipulation

Neutral Evil

Turapso, The Vile- Goddess of Hatred and Suffering

Pelikzor, The Unholy- God of Murder and Undeath

Chaotic Evil

Nulish’taxxar, The Defiler- God of Decay and Corruption

Histi, The Pillager- Goddess of Thieves and Plunder

Dead or Missing Deities-

Lawful Good

Jolus, The Gardener- Dead former God of Agriculture and Self-Sacrifice,

Chaotic Evil

Vaksur, The Destroyer- Dead former god of Destruction and Cruelty

Chaotic Neutral

Annlassi, The Explorer- Goddess of Discovery and Explorers

The Pantheon

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