Haalur An'tul

Haalur An’tul is one of the greatest nations of Paradigm. Located on the day side of the planet, the kingdom is roughly half-way between the equator and the terminator. A realm of humans, elves, and half-elves, it is a kingdom known as a center of great learning in addition to being a beacon of good for the whole world. It is ruled by the Elsar’ii Royal Family, which has lead the nation since the last Turning. In fact, Haalur An’tul is actually the second nation to bear the name, and is in many ways a continuation of its predecessor, which was abandoned following the last Turning. The Elsar’ii have ruled in some form or fashion for over 1600 years. The royal family is famous for its mix of human and elvish blood, the whole line is half-elf to some degree or another. One of the “Laws” that binds the nation is that the royal family must always be half-elven. Whenever one or the other bloodline becomes too prominent tradition, and the laws of inheritance, demand that the heir marry the other race to keep both heritages in balance.

The traditions of the ruling family have greatly influenced the people of Haalur An’tul as well. Over half of the population is of human and elven heritage, and there is no animosity between the races. The result of this racial heritage on the nation is profound. A strong tradition of learning and the scholarly arts has infused the culture, and the study of Wizardry and magic is far more commonplace than in most of the world. Also, diplomacy and the art of negotiation are held in high regard, and there are schools devoted to those subjects, just as there are schools devoted to magic, music, art and other enlightened subjects. The human influence is felt is the adaptability of the people, the eagerness to exploit new opportunities, and a somewhat more lawful ordering of society than might be found in a purely elven one.

There is no hereditary nobility besides the Royal family, all nobles are appointed by the King and Queen and their position does not devolve onto their children on their death. This has helped the nation avoid some of the problems that arise with a hereditary aristocracy. However, a number of merchant families have amassed enough wealth and power to gain the influence that a landed nobility can achieve in other kingdoms. Thus far, that merchant class has only been a boon to the nation, and not a detriment.

The capitol city of Haalur An’tul is New Tular’ii, named after the previous capitol, now locked beneath snow and ice on the far side of the planet. A metropolis of over 100,000 souls, it is one of the great cities of the world, and the heart of the kingdom. The Elsar’ii rule from their Palace located near the center of the city, a building over 700 centuries old.

Haalur An'tul

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