This campaign takes places on the world of Paradigm. Paradigm is a world quite unlike any other is most settings: It is tidally locked, with one side always facing the Sun, and the other side always facing away. This leaves a world where night and day take on special meaning, for they are not transitory events. The normal rules of life do not apply here. Day/Night, Light/Dark, all peoples and creatures are affected by the unique circumstances of this planet, and have to adapt to survive.

Welcome to a New World’s Order.

Welcome to the new Paradigm.

This is also the same campaign setting as the world of Bastion, which is part of the same system as Paradigm. The tentative name for that campaign world is “After Heaven’s Fall”. Besides the locations, the setting is almost all the same. Same Pantheon, same basic history, the races mostly the same.

Day and Night/ Night and Day

Juka Serinity